“It’s Time You Had A Real Adventure And Changed Your Life Forever. Join Me On The Trip Of A Lifetime As We Gallop Over The Steppe And Hunt Down The Ghost Of Genghis Khan Horse Riding In The Wilds Of Mongolia”

Feel the wind… Horse Riding the open steppes and prairies of Mongolia, explore deep forests
and transport yourself back in time.

Please watch both videos on this page and become inspired to have your own daring adventure …

Gold Coast,

Dear Fellow Adventurer,

I used to have this wild dream I thought I’d never act on…

Just the light fantasizing of a man with too much responsibility. A dream to go horse-trekking over old battle grounds, meet people who live as their forefathers lived, and maybe endure their trying lives just to get a feel for the reality of life back in the day of Genghis Kahn and his Mongol hordes.

Then one day, my eyes were truly opened for me.

It was an ad for a group travel course turned up in my email—that’s what did it. It had been years since my itchy feet had throbbed loud enough for me to hear, and suddenly I felt 17 years old again as I sat there staring at that brochure. I’d put my travel dreams on hold for three decades. My kids were grown and living their own lives. And I wasn’t getting any younger these past few years—just more beat up.

So I took the plunge. And the rest as they say is history. Within weeks I had a real purpose, a website and business I believed in, and more excitement in my life than I’d experienced for years. You know how you “get in the flow”? Well that is still happening for me.

But there was one adventure I longed to go on more than anything. For me, it was the BIG ONE.

Where was it? Horse riding in Mongolia. And not just anywhere in Mongolia.

I wanted my own adventures -- tours that covered the Great Khan’s stamping ground from China right through to Poland in the

But as I thought about actually going for it, I found that no-one did the type of trip I envisioned.
You see, most “adventure travel” organizations in places like Mongolia serve up a potted version, where you spend nights in specially prepared permanent camps with all the modern luxuries — where you meet “locals” who are dependent on tourism for living rather than herding. Where the chance to sample the real Mongolia as it was hundreds of years ago, safely, in a small group, didn’t really exist at all.

Except for one.

I discovered a well-established but little known Mongolian company which designed the kind of tours that someone like me was looking for—meet real nomads, live and travel where they live and sample real hospitality which isn’t tricked up for tourists.

The kind of experience where you travel with a small band of enthusiastic adventurers, where the guides are truly local, not from the city, and where the contacts made are personal and enduring.

The opportunities to experience faraway places that are not spoiled by commercialised tourism diminish every year. Everyone has to make a living — that’s true — but many people who have constant contact with tourists come to see them more as a meal ticket than potential friends.

This is different.

These adventure expeditions are unique, and the only thing that can be expected is the unexpected. Imagine getting caught in the mountains in a sudden snow storm, the experience becoming a real test of survival skills rather than a day of make-believe. Imagine the wind in your hair on the open steppe, a mutual silence in the presence of grave markers that haven’t been seen with human eyes in several hundred years.

Imagine a place where it seems you can ride forever—where fences don’t exist, for hundreds, even thousands of miles in all directions…

Where every day brings a new horizon.

You don’t have to pretend to be a Mongol in Genghis Khan’s horde, you can BE one. Not only do we see where they were, but we get involved at a local level in festivals and celebrations. You can ride like the wind, play tug of war with a headless goat, test your skill at archery against seasoned locals, or go hunting with the golden eagle. You can experience the freedom of the men of the Mongol hordes—you can follow the hoof prints of Genghis Khan horse riding in Mongolia.

Are you ready to build the kind of memories only a world conqueror can share?

Meet the REAL locals, from legendary cultures who are not yet spoiled by tourism, and experience first hand their history, lifestyle and hospitality. We guarantee once in a lifetime memories …

• Learn to become an experienced horse trekker in the shortest time possible, even if you’ve never ridden a horse before (we team you up with the perfect, forgiving horse. You may even become friends for life)

• Why horses are the most environmentally friendly way to experience the real Mongolia rather than looking out the window of a jeep or bus (the locals in the faraway places live and breathe horse riding in Mongolia and will respect you for choosing to ride instead of drive too)

• You get into the most remote and “off the beaten track” places with horses than you ever will by vehicle (you could even be the first person in history to set foot there)

• You are on an adventure, not just a “small sample” package tour (you get to see the REAL Mongolia, meet and stay with Mongolians who live as their forefathers have done since before the days of Genghis Khan)

• You participate in ethical tourism which supports local industry in an environmentally sustainable way (we get our provisions and shelter from traditional nomads who live an unaffected lifestyle and who are happy to share what they have with you as your host -- it isn’t a day trip to some felt tent where they serve up tea and sour milk just for tourists)

• Small groups (max 10) means less impact on the environment and more personal interaction with your guides and the local Mongolian hosts and friends we meet horse riding in Mongolia on the way

So saddle up and ride with me into the wilds of Mongolia as we chase the ghosts of Genghis Khan’s warrior horde. We ride the Mongol way, see what they saw (the landscape is unchanged) and live life in the raw.

On our expeditions you must expect the unexpected, knowing this is a REAL adventure.
Understand that stuff happens. The weather changes, usually for the worse. The casual attitude of local suppliers is interesting. Hey, one of our hostlers “lost” his herd of nags once and we had to make emergency arrangements from another source, including a surly pack camel.

On this horse riding in Mongolia adventure, you will probably have a hard time …

It’s all part of the fun -- expect to freeze your arse off at night and not have a real bath or shower for days on end. You will get sore from days in the saddle. You get to crap in a pit or behind a tree (if there are any handy). You also meet and experience the generosity of some of the most hospitable folks on earth. Hard to think they once conquered nearly all of the known world back in the 1200’s. Where else do you get the chance to launch a Golden Eagle from your forearm and set it off to hunt?

You have the opportunity to travel a land with NO fences on horseback, to explore places where no human may have stood for hundreds or thousands of years, to meet people and experience landscapes essentially unchanged for hundreds, maybe thousands of years -- yet follow the hoof prints of the biggest, most legendary conqueror this world has ever known -- that is the essence of an expedition with LiveHistoryTours.

Remember. You are an elite member of an expedition party on a voyage of discovery horse riding in Mongolia.

Fellow members are not just a gaggle of tourist geese gawking at something odd -- your fellow expedition members are adventurers who share the same fascinations and interests as you -- every day a new horizon and every night a new campfire to discuss and reflect on the days discoveries.

Here is your chance to prove to yourself that you have the grit and the guts to survive just like your ancestors did. You can release your inner warrior and the experience is guaranteed to haunt you for the rest of your life.

Plenty of people from earlier expeditions come back for second or third helpings of wild and exciting times, and they revel in the friendships they make.

We have only 2 trips this year, and only ten adventurers are allowed to go on any single expedition -- this is why we book out quickly. So click here to check out the calendar, choose which expedition appeals most, and book your next adventure right now. You’ll never regret it…

Now it’s your turn to capture the thrill of a wild and exciting adventure vacation.

Once available to just a select few, you will stretch your personal limits riding with me as we hunt the ghost of Genghis Khan and his hordes in the back country of Mongolia. This is NOT a package tour -- you’ll discover a side of Mongolia (and yourself) no book can even come close to revealing and together we’ll explore a lifestyle unchanged for centuries. You’ll make new friends and see new horizons, every day.

First Class “Peace of Mind” Travel Guarantee!
the only one of its kind

You’re Completely Protected By My Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

Book your expedition without fear. You must be absolutely thrilled with your LiveHistory Tours adventure and it must be the wild and exciting undertaking you imagined it to be… otherwise you pay nothing.
We’ll happily give you a complete refund of the land cost of your trip.

But you must hurry -- As I said, we only do 2 trips a year with a maximum of ten explorers on each trip. This means only 9 other people in the whole wide world can join you and me on this daring and risky venture.

These one-of-a-kind trips are only for real adventurers -- it’s why they sell out FAST, so make sure you secure your place and book now.

Just ask yourself this question while you are “thinking about it”… What if this is your last chance for a REAL escapade -- to roam in remote and historical places on the back of a horse, the way the Mongols did?

Helen Keller once said “Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing…” NOW is the time to step out of your comfort zone and begin your own daring adventure.

Your Mongolian Adventure Is Just A Click Away!
So Click here to choose which trip you want and Book NOW

You know you absolutely need to do this -- the time to step off the sidelines and begin your next adventure is now. Simply pick which Livehistorytours horse riding Mongolia expedition appeals most and click on the order button to get started right away.

I could go on and on about how fantastic each of our expeditions is, sharing with you the many ways your trip could pan out, who you might meet, the camaraderie you’ll enjoy and what you may get up to as you discover your inner warrior in Mongolia…

You can only get a real idea of what one of our expeditions is like when you GO THERE yourself – that is the most powerful way to experience a real adventure. Just live it.

In fact, I wish everyone could transform their lives into ― a daring adventure, or its nothing – however, numbers are strictly limited and our trips fill FAST.

Just choose which adventure you want, click on the order button to get started, and I’ll see you horse riding in Mongolia.

Stay Awesome.

Rick Rakauskas



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