LiveHistoryTours is an Adventure travel Club for people who love the
history of horse riding cultures, mounted warriors and knights and of
course, horses.

We travel into out of the way places by horseback and immerse ourselves as much as possible into the local culture.

Many people who are bound to horses haven’t changed their lifestyles
for hundreds (or even thousands) of years, so you get a real look into
the past. Plus a lot of real history is oral tradition, you won’t find
it in the books but you will hear it told around the campfires at night.

Most of our members are women with a keen sense of adventure, and
since we travel in small groups (maximum of ten), safety is less of an
issue than when travelling alone. Even so, our tours, being operated by
Australian and New Zealand nationals, offer a lot of flexibility when on
an expedition, as is right and proper for any explorer.

So join up, it’s free. ——————————————————————————————————–>>>>

Currently we explore Mongolia, the land of Ghengis Kahn and his
Mongol horde. We are also organising expeditions in Eastern Europe to
see where the horde ended up. The history of what happened to the
Mongols (now referred to as Tatars by the locals) after 200 years of
rule  is as fascinating as their beginning. They never grew beyond
their essential nature of horse warrior and nomad, which makes the fact
that they conquered and ruled over most of the known world even more

Livehistorytours is also dedicated to “Green” tourism. Wherever we
visit we try to ensure we only leave hoofprints, and help contribute to
the local comunities who support us in some useful way other than money.

Next years calendar is still very flexible at the moment. Let us know
what interests you, our members, and let’s see if we can come up with
something that we will remember forever as a completely unique

Rick Rakauskas

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