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Since there is a chance you won’t have a full immersion wash or shower whilst on the track, some pointers on staying clean and socially acceptable might be useful.

What I do, as a bloke, is keep a tube of antiseptic hand wash in my top pocket. It is pump operated, and lasts about a month if you use it to clean hands after using the latrine trench, handy bush or even a real toilet. I usually dry my hands with toilet paper, although you can let it dry on its own. Speaking of which, we supply you with a personal roll of loo paper. Keep it handy…

When I wake up in the morning I use antiseptic wet wipes to clean feet, pits, groin and other parts, then dry with paper towel/dry flannel. Afterwards I dust with good quality talc or one of the antibacterial powders, and roll on the natural deodorant. A squirt of aftershave and I am done for the next 24 hours. The used papers and wipes are burned on the breakfast fire once the cooking is done, or buried in the latrine trench if it exists.

If no trench, or on a plain, walk a fair way from gers and other signs of civilisation, find a spot and do your business, I bury mine with a lot of rocks. And make sure I am far away from any water sources. This way the stuff (and paper) dries out and eventually moulders away into the ground, harmless to all. Remember Genghis Khan ordered a death sentence to anyone found urinating or excreting within 50 metres of a water source …

If you want to be a bit more strict in the Kazakh West, you can use three rocks (as it says in the Koran).


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